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How to get a BOTOX treatment, where to find a great BOTOX provider near you and how much will it cost you.

What you need to know about BOTOX

BOTOX is the most popular injectable treatment in the world. Most people don't understand what it is and what it does. That has led to people having preconceptions about getting BOTOX and what people that get BOTOX for cosmetic purposes look like. Let's start with this.

  • Getting treated by a experienced injector is unnoticeable.
  • Thousands of people across the US alone get treated with BOTOX everyday.
  • BOTOX is one of the most common injectable treatment across the US and the World.
  • Most BOTOX gets priced at a per unit cost. This causes confusion as people see advertising such as ($9 Per Unit). This leads people to think that BOTOX is much cheaper than it is and also causes confusion as to how to evaluate or choose a BOTOX Injector.
  • BOTOX is a brand of the ingredient of a chemical compound that paralyzes the muscles to prevent wrinkles and lines around the eyes. Similar people calling tissues, Kleenex. BOTOX is the most popular brand name of wrinkle relaxers. There are others such as DYSPORT, JEAVEAU and XEOMIN.
We Love BOTOX and It's the #1 Cosmetic Treatment in the World

How much does BOTOX Cost?

On average, a BOTOX treatment averages $200 to $500. But wait, you ask. Yes, it varies and we'll break down the cost below. Here are the factors that determine how much a BOTOX treatment costs.

  • The injector sets the price of BOTOX depending on their marketing strategy.
  • There are some cities and zip codes where the price of BOTOX is higher or lower than the average.
  • Some injectors or practices use a low BOTOX price per unit to incentivize new patients to come in.
  • Some injectors that are doctors sometimes charge more because of their time valued.
  • Some charge higher as way to elevate their brand into a luxury practice.
  • BOTOX injectors can charge based on skill level and how they can utilize BOTOX for areas outside of traditional areas.

What areas can BOTOX treat?

  • Frown Lines
  • Crow's Feet
  • 11's

Can you give me tips on how to choose an injector?

Or course, we have created the most comprehensive article on how to choose a BOTOX Injector on the web.

Talk with your injector to get the best results.

Go to consultation to speak with your BOTOX Injector. Be open about what areas of your face that you would like to see improvement in. At times, clients maybe be very surprised that it's not a wrinkle relaxer such as BOTOX that is needed. And that it's a different type of treatment that is needed to achieve the cosmetic result you are looking for.

What about deals on BOTOX?

To appreciate how deals work for BOTOX, you have to have an understanding about why injectors, medical spas, dermatologists and others offer deals on it. Deals are not necessarily bad or lead to botched BOTOX injections, but you do still need to research your provider.

Let's understand why injectors offer deals on BOTOX.

  • They want new clients and they use deals or deal platforms so they can get new clients.
  • They use BOTOX like a deal you get from stores as a way to get you into their practice.
  • They then focus on providing a great customer experience and results so you become a repeating client.
  • Some injectors or aesthetic practices will focus on upselling you when you visit so they can generate profit.

The problem with getting deals on BOTOX.

The BOTOX deal is often for never the amount you need to get the result you are looking for. The manufacturer of BOTOX, Allergan recommends fifteen to twenty units per however the average deal for BOTOX only for twenty units.

This leads to a big disconnect between what you think you are getting versus what the deal is.

This ends up being a bad experience for you because you wanted to save and get a deal on BOTOX. This generally leads to you being unhappy about not getting results and posting a negative review. In the end, neither the injector is happy nor the client.

We understand affordability is always a concern. So if you decide to purchase a deal, make sure you do research your injector thorougly and know what the common recommended units are for the area you are looking to treat.

None of these deals will likely lead to a great result if you solely receive the twenty units described in these deals. Great results are more likely to occur when you listen to the injector as to her recommendation the amount that is needed to achieve your desired result.

Where can I get a BOTOX Treatment?

A BOTOX treatment can be given at various types of medical aesthetic practices. However, each state has their own laws but generally medial aesthetic practices are composed of these below.

  • Dermatologists
  • Plastic Surgery Clinics
  • Medical Spas

We do not recommend other types of medical practices where aesthetics is their primary expertise unless you have verified experience. These can include OBGYN's, Primary Care, Dentists and other types of medical practices.

How Soon Can I Expect Results After a BOTOX Treatment?

We love BOTOX because the results are quick and can last up to four months. Quick being that results are seen in as little as two days and as long as two weeks.

See Live Treatments of BOTOX on YouTube

We love YouTube because you can learn about treatments in a fun and innovative way. We love videos that are natural in nature and are not so disconnected from the actual experience you will have when visiting an injector for BOTOX.

Getting a BOTOX treatment should be a pleasant experience. You're getting one of the most popular cosmetic treatments because you want to look better and that can translate to confidence and so much more.

BOTOX is an effective aesthetic treatment. Find the best, most experienced, local and near you BOTOX providers on JOY MD™.