What is JOY MD™?

JOY MD™ is a web platform that provides an easy way for people to find medical specialists. We are currently available in select markets and are already planning launching in others. Apply today so you are eligible for early access.

How is JOY MD™ generating acquring users?

We are led by an extraordinary marketing and technology team that has a track record of driving new patients to practices. We've nailed down patient behavior and the decision process the pathways they take when selecting a provider.

Is there a fee for providers, practices or platforms to be listed on JOY MD™?

We offer two pathways to joining.

Non-paid and paid enrollment that enables an innovative messaging for you and your practice.

How many current active users are there?

We are currently seeing over 5,000 Monthly in-market users.

How is JOY MD different from other platforms?

We've heard the complaints that practices and providers have about how current platforms and how search engines can instantly damage reputations and utlilize extortion tactics to improve their bottom line.

We're building JOY MD™ with a balanced approach that doesn't use any of these nasty tactics to drive growth.

Will there be patient reviews?

Yes, later this year. However, we're taking a different spin on reviews so that they are balanced for both the patient and provider.  We aim to create a better experience for patients and providers and will not tolerate extortion tactics.

How does JOY MD™ get my practice or platform new patients?

Our providers are embedded within our platforms ecosystem and allow for patients to connect with you either on JOY MD or your website or platform.

Reach New Patients on JOY MD. Apply Today.

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