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JOY MD™ helps people easily find medical professionals in aesthetics, medical, specialty practices and digital health platforms.
Launching in Early 2020.

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What is JOY MD™?

JOY MD™ is a digital platform that provides an easy way for people to find medical professionals and digital health clinics.

How is JOY MD™ generating acquring users?

JOY MD™ is led by an extraordinary marketing and technology team that has a track record of driving new patients to practices and leading user acquisition efforts.

Is there a fee for providers, practices or platforms to be listed on JOY MD™?

Yes, currently providers and platforms outside of selected categories pay a fee. See if you're eligible for a discounted rate by applying below.

Is there a contract to join?

Yes, were asking a one year term annual agreement is required.

How many current active users are there?

Yes, currently there are 6,000 engaged users in three markets across the US.

A fair, un-biased platform that educates and simplifies.

We've heard the complaints that practices and providers have about how current platforms and search engines can instantly damage reputations and utlilize extortion tactics to improve their bottom line. We're building JOY MD™ with a balanced approach that doesn't use any of these nasty tactics to drive growth. There has to be a better way.

Will there be patient reviews?

Yes, later this year. However, we're taking a different spin on reviews so that they are balanced for both the patient and provider. We're also making sure they are reflective of actual medical visits. We aim to create a better experience for patients and providers and will not tolerate extortion tactics.

Zero allegiance to brands.

We are putting the patients and providers first and foremost. We know if we do that, in the long term, we'll build a great platform that people will trust.

How does JOY MD™ get us new patients?

Our providers are embedded within our platforms ecosystem and allow for patients to connect with you either on JOY MD™ or your website or platform.

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