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JOY MD™ helps people easily find medical providers and digital health platforms. Make sure you are visible when interest is at its highest.

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Patients get instant access to your website, social media and can book directly through JOY MD or your own website.. We make it easy for the client to do either.

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Thousands of local, in-market patients visit JOY MD™ to research procedures and ways to find better care. Present yourself as the best possible provider as they search and choose a provider.

Your Practice, Your Social Media

We feature your social media to help patients reach you on the platforms they use to further research you. People want to research on their own and make their own decision on which provider to engage with.

Social media helps reinforce a patients choice as well as earn their choice as a provider.

Earn in-market patient visits to your website

Link your website URL to our JOY MD profile to enable frictionless booking on your booking software or website.

Need help converting bookings? Our automated AI + Human Assisted booking can help calendar your patients.

AI + Human Assisted Booking

People's expectations are high and expect immediate responses. Coupled with a high propensity to lose interest if not immediately engaged, the practices that engage immediately can enroll new patients by simply making sure they are ready available to book.

Our artificial intelligence and human assisted booking agent can ensure you're there to book every patient at their highest moment of interest.

What is JOY MD™?

JOY MD™ is a web platform that provides an easy way for people to find medical professionals and digital health clinics. We are currently available in select markets and are already seeing growth in new markets across the US.

How is JOY MD™ generating acquring users?

JOY MD™ is led by an extraordinary marketing and technology team that has a track record of driving new patients to practices. We've nailed down patient behavior and are centered around the patient.

Is there a fee for providers, practices or platforms to be listed on JOY MD™?

We offer two pathways to joining our JOY MD. Non-paid and paid enrollment. Fill out the form below to receive details to see which one is right for you.

How many current active users are there?

Yes, currently are seeing over 5,000 Monthly active users.

A fair, un-biased platform that educates and simplifies.

We've heard the complaints that practices and providers have about how current platforms and search engines can instantly damage reputations and utlilize extortion tactics to improve their bottom line.

We're building JOY MD™ with a balanced approach that doesn't use any of these nasty tactics to drive growth. There has to be a better way.

Will there be patient reviews?

Yes, later this year. However, we're taking a different spin on reviews so that they are balanced for both the patient and provider. We're also making sure they are reflective of actual medical visits. We aim to create a better experience for patients and providers and will not tolerate extortion tactics.

Zero allegiance to brands and manufacturers.

We are putting the patients and providers first and foremost. We know if we do that, in the long term, we'll build a great platform that people will trust and turn to when searching for any health related search.

How does JOY MD™ get my practice or platform new patients?

Our providers are embedded within our platforms ecosystem and allow for patients to connect with you either on JOY MD™ or your website or platform.

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