About Us

Who we are and what we're doing to help patients and providers better connect.

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JOY MD™ Founded
July 2021
JOY MD is born out of pain points Henry Camacho has experienced in the medical industry as patients and providers both having a significant disconnect in matching.
Launched Beta on Apple Store
July 2021
JOY MD™ hits the Apple Store.
Launched Beta on Google Play
July 2021
JOY MD™ launches on Google Play.
JOY MD™ publishes telehealth finder empowering patients.
August 2021
JOY MD fills patient needs by releasing a telemedicine and digital health clinic finder.
Beauty Religion, top aesthetic practice in West Hollywood, on-boards
August 2021
Beauty Religion in West Hollywood chooses to on-board joining our launch co-hort of exceptional practices in Los Angeles.
August 2021
Full featured Instagram integration to empower provider profiles. New integration enables providers to display Instagram feed on JOY MD profile.
JOY MD™ AI Messenger
August 2021
Breakthrough AI messaging platform is released. Patent is filed with USPTO.
JOY MD™ Reaches 1,000 Patient Connections
December 2021
New milestone for initialized patient conversations.
JOY MD™ Releases Custom Kickoff AI Message Feature
January 2022
New fully customizable kick-off messages now available to providers.

Headquartered in Los Angeles

JOY MD™ is headquartered in Los Angeles at Scale Health, the hub of innovation of healthcare amongst innovative companies and healthcare giants such as Cedars Sinai, Children's Hospital of LA and UCLA Health.