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JOY MD™ has published a online doctor and telehealth clinic finder to help people discover alternatives to visiting a doctor in-office.

COVID-19 has overwhelmed our healthcare systems and people with emerging or chronic illnesses need access to healthcare now. We're here to help.

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Helping People find Alternatives to Traditional Healthcare during COVID-19

JOY MD™ has published a digital health platform and clinic finder to help people discover alternatives to visiting a doctor in-office. Coronavirus is overwhelming the healthcare system and people with emerging or chronic illnesses are struggling to find treatment or basic care.

The featured digital healthcare platforms offer solutions for a variety of conditions to those who have limited access to care and providers during COVID-19 restrictions. Several of the included clinics and platforms also offer COVID-19 self-assessments and tailored offerings during the COVID-19 crisis.

Simply, a better way to find a healthcare provider.

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Coronavirus COVID-19

As Coronavirus COVID-19 permeates through our daily lives, JOY MD™ has published a collection of online resources to make it simple to find telemedicine platforms in order to see a doctor online. Our list of  telemedicine platforms provide the option for those would like to seek medical assistance online.

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Le Reve Aesthetics

Pasadena, California

Neem Medical Spa

Boston, Massachussetts

Haut Spa Medica

Newport Beach, California

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To be listed on JOY MD™, providers must adhere to strict principles such as complimentary follow-ups, active medical license, timely responses and only use FDA cleared product or machines within their practice.

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