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A new way to get access to weight loss medications. No insurance required. Just an easy and affordable way to speak with a medical provider and get prescribed if eligible.

"Life changing in a few weeks"
"Something that works for me"
"Down 19 pounds in one month."

It's not you. It's the food.

Keto, paleo, vegan, calorie counting, Atkins, low fat, low carb—have you tried it all only to end up giving up after a few days?  Does just the thought of starting a new diet make you want to quit? You’re not alone—95% of diets don’t work because restrictive dieting isn’t sustainable in a world where the food that is convenient and cheap is the same food that keeps 2/3 of Americans overweight of obese.

Life gets busy. It's easy  to make unhealthy choices.

Food companies have invested billions of dollars in science to make food addictive, putting profits ahead of health. Perfecting tastes through science to make you eat more. Making it harder for you to make health choices and not over indulge. Fight back with science. We are here to help you overcome the battle with food.

It's not you. It's science working against you.

Food companies have invested billions of dollars to make the foods in grocery stores and restaurants addicting. Eating an entire bag of chips isn’t due to a lack of willpower, it’s because companies have made sure that their products are impossible to put down. How do you overcome food that has been engineered to keep you eating more? With scientifically backed weight loss medication that can crush cravings and help you reach for healthier alternatives.

Overcome the hurdles to weight loss for a healthier you.

Yes, you can reach your weight loss target number. Yes, you will see a real drop on the weight scale. With assistance, you can overcome life's obstacles that have prevented you from losing and keeping weight off.

We're all about trusted medications with the highest grades of pharmaceutical accreditation.

We make it simple to meet with a trusted provider and receive trusted medications. Our partner pharmacies are thoroughly vetted and have received the highest form of state and federal accreditation that they can receive.

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Trusted, compounded medications
Independently tested medications with the highest standards in the industry.
RX Only
Semaglutide for Weight Loss
Our number one prescribed medication for weight loss. Check eligibility by booking with a trusted provider now.
RX Only
Tirzepatide for Weight Loss
A secondary option with proven more effectiveness than Semaglutide. Check eligibility by booking with a trusted provider now.

Getting medication is easy as 1,2,3.

Meet with a virtual provider that will evaluate and prescribe if eligible. Get medications delivered within 48 hours* directly to your doorstep for life changing results.

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Meet with your provider to get questions answered and get evaluated.
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If prescribed, get medications delivered to your doorstep. Delivery is always free

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A new way to lose weight. Easy to drink dis-solvable tablets.

Compounded Semaglutide tablets can make it easy for you take this potentially life changing medication. Ask your provider during your consultation for availability.

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