The game changing medication that started it all.


Semaglutide, is the same active ingredient as popular weight loss drugs such as Ozempic. Sparing you the science seminar; it mimics similar hormones in your body that are responsible for telling you how full you are and how to process food.

Semaglutide in essence, tells your stomach to slow down your digestion.

This makes you feel fuller faster and longer. Thus, making it much easier to lose weight.

The results are dramatic with up 15% of weight loss shown in studies.

Are you a science buff? Want to know about about the science? Read more here.

A new game changing medication.


You can call this a sister medication to Semaglutide. A similar yet more powerful medication.

Similar in a sense that it acts in the same way.

Essentially, telling your stomach to slow down the digestion of food.

However, Tirzepatide is shown to be more effective with studies shown up to 25% of weight loss.