Rolling Start to the New Year

As we begin the start to the third week of 2022, we are grinding out some of our best updates to JOY MD. Serving both providers and potential patients has made it a challenge but we are meeting it head on.

With growth and usage brings on a new set of challenges that one can not anticipate.

Let's start with the good things. We've initiated over 3,000 conversations with our artificial intelligence conversation platform and we've reached over 75,000 site visits in one year. We're pretty proud of that - and in the medical field - you need to celebrate each win.

Our overall mission is keeping us sane and focused; knowing that we are building a platform that can have a positive impact when a person needs it the most. We are going to make that happen.

We continue to struggle and walk through this mud called COVID-19. I feel the world will be stronger because of it. Millions of people will begin to put their health front and center. We will be their to help.

We've all been in situations where getting medical care whether mental or physical was not easy. Even for those that are insured, it's a challenge.

With our latest release today, we've enhanced and stabilized our messaging platform for providers. Loading times have significantly decreased. For potential patients - new screens that are easy to read and easy to use have been implemented.

We are focused on providing a pleasureable experience to the people that use JOY MD unlike any other.

I'm very excited to share what we have coming this quarter for JOY MD. Until then.