How to Choose a BOTOX & Filler Injector

Choosing an injector isn't easy and you have plenty of choices. We're here to help you find the best injector near you.

How to Choose a BOTOX & Filler Injector

If you have decided to get a cosmetic injection treatment, the most important selection you will make in the treatment process is that of your injector. Whether you are getting preventative BOTOX or a liquid facelift, choosing the best injector can dramatically impact the overall experience and results you receive from treatment.

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Cosmetic injections should leave you looking and feeling your best, so it is important to choose an injector who has the expertise and skill set to match the expectations you have set for your treatment.

There are a multitude of factors that go into selecting the best injector—from the type of medical professional they are to what their previous patients have to say about them online. By arming yourself with the best information and doing proper research, you can keep yourself safe, feel confident about treatment, and walk away with results that satisfy.

Choosing the Right Injector Starts with Asking the Right Questions

Whether you are new to the world of cosmetic injections orare a veteran of aesthetic procedures looking for a new provider, finding the best injector starts with asking the right questions. Many patients don’t know what to look for or ask the wrong things when searching for a provider, leading them to be dissatisfied with their treatment experience.

Asking the right questions should be a critical part of choosing your provider—from your initial search to a consultation. Knowing the most about the treatment you are receiving and who is administering it will give you more confidence throughout the treatment journey and will leave you with the most optimal results.

In this guide, JOY MD™ will help you to look for all of the right things so you can choose your injector with certainty.

Nurses or Doctors — What Kind of Provider do I choose and does it matter?

It is absolutely crucial when you are choosing an injector that they are a medical professional trained in the art of aesthetic procedures, doctor or nurse. Untrained or unqualified injectors can lead to not only bad results, but serious complications—including permanent damage and health problems. Furthermore, choosing a provider who is not a medical professional puts consumers at extreme risk of receiving shady products, that can leave them looking disfigured.

With that said, the number of medical providers who are getting training for and administering aesthetic injections is continually growing. For example, many patients can even get fillings and fillers in the same office now, as many dental professionals are offering cosmetic injection sat their practices.

Here are the most important things to know when choosing what type of medical provider to go with when choosing an injector:

Where is the treatment being performed?

No matter who is doing your injections, it is first and foremost crucial that they are done in a safe and appropriate environment. We encourage consumers to steer away from salons or even receiving injections in a private residence, such as a home, with options such as “BOTOX parties” becoming more popular.

Receiving your injections in places such as a med spa, medical office, dermatology clinic, or plastic surgery center puts you and your provider at a much safer and more confident environment.

Find out who will be performing the procedure and where this takes place. Oftentimes, a nurse will perform a lip injection or BOTOX and generally the nurses have a ton of experience doing these procedures. Don’t get caught up in someone’s title and require that the doctor perform the procedure because a nurse with experience can be just as good or even way better. Second, find out if the procedure is being performed at a med spa, plastic surgery center, dermatology clinic, or elsewhere. Well, you shouldn’t be going elsewhere but it’s important the place you go to is clean and professional. If the place looks like they don’t care about their clients, they probably don’t. You also want to find out how long they've been around as a brand new spot may not have as much experience or credibility.

Research Your Injector Online

Every injector should be online and have a website or at least be featured on a website. Start here to read about their credibility, before & after photos, and bio. You can also read reviews from past patients. Make sure to actually read the reviews because the ratings can be misleading! For example, if somebody left a one-star review because they couldn’t find parking, that doesn’t mean that the injector performed poorly. Or sometimes, the person’s expectations are just way too high or they are surprised about the price of the treatment. People can be nuts anda lot of times unfair to the injector. Injectors want you to be very happy with the results so they can continue to be your preferred injector for follow upsor other treatments.

Who can perform cosmetic injections?

It goes without saying that you probably shouldn’t be letting your personal trainer be giving you lip injections. Still, it can often be hard to decipher what kinds of professionals can legally and safely give patients cosmetic injections.

While laws vary state-by-state of who can give injections, what kind of supervision is required, and what kind of injections a provider can perform, the following medical professionals are able to administer cosmetic injections:

·      Medical Doctor (MD)

o  Any medical doctor is allowed to perform injections, however, this encompasses a wide variety of providers. Medical doctors include everything from general practioners and internists to those who specifically specialize in aesthetics such as dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

·      Physician Assistant (PA)

o  PAs can administer cosmetic injectables with the supervision of a medical doctor. However, depending on your state’s laws, they may not need to be directly supervised.

·      Dentist(DDS)

o  Increasing numbers of dentists are offering cosmetic injectables as a part of their practice’s services. However, the laws about this vary widely from state-to-state. In some states dental professionals can only administer certain injections, such as neurotoxin injectables, while other areas allow more freedom.

·      Nurse Practitioner(NP)

o  Like PAs, nurse practitioners must also work under the supervision of a physician. However, in some states they are allowed to order their own products. Some patients prefer to choose nurse practitioners for the extra training they have received as opposed to RNs, but both can be great options.

·      Registered Nurse(RN)

o  RNs can perform cosmetic injections such as BOTOX and fillers. However, they are required to work under the supervision of a physician who can oversee their practice and order product for them.  

Most states are very specific about who can and cannot perform certain procedures, such as California whose medical board states that, “If it's a medical treatment, that is to say it penetrates to deeper levels of the epidermis, then it must be performed by a physician, or by a registered nurse or physician assistant under supervision.”

While medical doctors can administer injections in every state, laws about other practitioners vary, if you are feeling wary of a practitioner’s qualifications,certifications, or status as an injector in your area, you can always check with your state medical board.

Who CANNOT offer cosmetic injections?

Even though states regulate who can perform injections, that unfortunately does not stop unqualified individuals from advertising injectable services, leaving patients at risk.

If you see any of the following offering cosmetic injections, run:

·     Medical assistants

·     Licensed Vocational Nurses(LVNs)

·     Estheticians

·     Salon Professionals

If something doesn’t feel right about a provider, don’t settle. You can always ask a medical professional to see their credentials.

Does my injector have to be certified?

Just because a medical provider can perform cosmetic injections doesn’t mean they should. Many medical professionals have started to add injectables to their list of services, as a way to supplement income, however this doesn’t always leave patients with the best results.

While states are specific about what kind of medical professionals can administer injections and what kind of regulations they must adhere to, the qualifications your provider must have generally stop there. So, should you really be getting lip injections from your gynecologist?

The short answer is—probably not.

In fact, you are far more likely to receive better and even more safe results from a nurse trained in facial aesthetics under the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon than going to a family doctor who just added BOTOX to their practice.

While cosmetic injections are widely used and incredibly safe, they have the potential to go wrong very quick as facial anatomy is very delicate. To avoid anything from bad results to serious complications, it is always best to err on the side of caution and choose a provider who is certified in aesthetic procedures.

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist, or qualified medical professional who works under one is always a good option and shows that your provider is well-trained in the injection process and facial anatomy.

Match Your Provider with Your Procedure

Finally, once you have ensured that the provider you are going with is medically qualified—it is just as important to make sure they are the right injector for the treatment you are getting.

Every injector has their own style, from the type of syringe they use to the treatments they will offer patients. Look at other patients your injector has treated and see if the results they have gotten are similar to what you are after.

Many injectors offer a plethora of cosmetic treatments including neurotoxins (BOTOX, Dysport), dermal fillers (Juvéderm, Restylane), and fat dissolvers (Kybella). However, some specialize in specific treatments. If you are looking for a certain injection technique or specific result, include this in your search and always talk with your provider about your goals.

Furthermore, with cosmetic injections increasingly being used for “off-label” treatments, it is important to choose a provider who maybe more experienced in working in delicate areas such as the nose or jawline.

Providers have different areas of expertise. If you’re looking for targeted treatments, such as undereye filler, jawline contouring, or lip injections, find a practice that has extensive experience in these procedures! This is your face and these types of treatments require a high skill level.

Don’t focus on the products they are using,focus on the amount of experience and results! A great injector is going to sit with you and recommend the best treatment for the outcome that you want. Help your injector out and don’t go back and forth on their recommendation. They want you to have the result you want and if you chose an experienced injector, they are going to tell you exactly what you need to get it!

Should You Model for an Injector?

Often times injectors will offer highly discounted or even free services for patients who are willing to model for them. So, if you see an injector advertising for models, should you snag a spot?

Often times injectors will request models when they are trying to build their practice or if they are just starting out and need more experience. Modeling for an injector can be a safe and cost-conscious way to undergo treatment if you do it right.

When injection training is done under the close supervision of a medical professional like a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Check Reviews Specific to Results  

While looking at a provider’s star rating on a review platform can seem simple, it isn’t necessarily telling about their expertise. When looking at reviews, it is crucial to dig into the details and see what makes up the reputation of a given provider. Choosing the best injector shouldn’t be based on convenience of a location or a bad interaction with the provider’s staff on the phone, but rather on the injectors’ skill level, results they achieve, and overall expertise.

           Did you know that 94% of patients to evaluate healthcare providers? Quite often, providers are left to the mercy of their most or least satisfied patients—and far too often the review has nothing to do with the results the patient receives, or the services provided.

Most review platforms don’t limit what can constitute a negative review, meaning a bad phone call in which a patient doesn’t even step foot into the practice but takes the time to leave a review, can skew a provider’s reputation.

In fact, a staggering number of negative reviews for providers circulate around issues completely isolated from treatment including:

·     Appointment setting

·     Pricing

·     Issues with third-party vendors

·     Front desk staff

·     Location

Look at More than One Review Platform

When searching for a provider, you shouldn’t narrow your opinion down to one review platform. By limiting the sources you use to gauge an injectors’ reputation, you risk blindly choosing the wrong provider.

For example, a provider may have five stars on Yelp based off of two reviews, but two stars on Google based of 30 reviews. Limiting yourself to one platform can also keep you from seeing potential pros and cons about the provider and if they are the right match for the treatment you are seeking.

Another important aspect to factor in is the way different platforms prioritize the types of reviews they show first. Platforms like Yelp have an algorithm that filters reviews and can leave patients to see only the best and first reviews first.

What to Look for in a Review

Sifting through reviews can feel time consuming but can save you the trouble of looking for another injector in the future and leave you with the best results possible.

Here are the key things to look for when considering an injectors’ reviews:

·     What does the review tell you about the injector’s expertise?

o  Is the review detailed? Is it results-oriented? A good review should tell you everything from the overall experience a patient had to the results they received from a provider based on cost, the injector’s skill-level, and the level of care provided.

·     When was it posted?

o  It goes without saying that a detailed five-star review from one month ago should take precedence over a negative review with little to no information from two years ago. Don’t let a star-rating be the determining factor in choosing your injector.

·     A picture is worth a thousand words

o  Consumers are able to type almost anything they want, often leaving providers at the mercy of angry patient’s keyboards. However, photos that accompany reviews can be a great way to verify if what the patient is saying is valid or not.

·     Does the provider respond to negative reviews?

o  Negative reviews are an inevitable thing, even for the best businesses. What really matters is why the review was written and how the owner responds to it. Reading the owner or provider’s response can provide you with a second side to the story and shows that they really do care about their business and the services they provide.  

Does Word-of-Mouth Mean Credibility?

Despite the dominating presence of providers on the web, many still swear by finding the best providers through family and friends. So, should you go get your lips injected at the same place your mom gets BOTOX? In this case, maybe mother doesn’t know best, as it’s still a good idea to do your own research. While it’s always good to get referrals to providers from trusted people, you should still make sure that the injector matches your needs and is the best choice for the treatment you are pursuing.

Sneak a Peek at their Social Media

The best injectors love showcasing their work on platforms their patients use, such as Instagram and Facebook. If you are a considering a provider, one of the best places you can learn more about them is through their social media accounts, as many injectors now showcase everything from before and after pictures to live Q and A sessions with potential and current patients about the treatments they offer.

We encourage you to not judge a provider by their follow count, but by their content, how they interact with patients asking questions, and the overall feel of the practice. In some cases, patients will actually find their provider first on social media.

Social media is great because it not only allows the patient to see the providers’ expertise in a visual way, but it also gives a glimpse into the experience and environment of a practice.

Injectors’ social media profiles will often showcase a variety of content far beyond results including:

·     Information about a provider’s certification(s),skill-level, background, and what “sets them apart” from the competition

·     Common concerns and information about injectable products and procedures

·     Exclusive specials and deals on treatments

·     Live video interactions

Still,social media should only be a tool in your search, as it is important to remember that injectors are only going to showcase their best work, reviews, and aspects of their practice on platforms.

While this is not a make or break tip, finding social media posts that show them doing live treatments is a huge plus. This allows you to verify that they have experience that they are doing specific treatments. On the other hand, some of the best injectors with the most experience don’t have social media at all and some have patients that prefer not to be shown on social media. Keep this in mind if an injector is not active on social media but if they are, this is a great way to get more insighton what it’s like getting a treatment with them.

What About Your Friends?

Yes, a great injector gets most of their clients from referrals.You’d be surprised that people aren’t as shy as you think they would be about getting injections. It’s all over social media and you’d be surprised who’s seeing an injector fairy. Ask around, but remember that cause your friend got great results won’t mean you will too. Do your research! 

Everybody loves a deal, but at what cost?

While sites like Groupon and Living Social may be a great way to save if you are booking a trip, BOTOX on a budget is not always the best choice. If a provider is giving a great deal on injections that doesn’t line up with local prices, there is a reason why. Whether a treatment provider is just starting out or trying to keep their practice alive, sites like Groupon are not the first choice for injectors who are delivering outstanding work.

Choosing an injector solely off a deal can also cause consumers to overlook many important questions such as who is offering the injections, what product is being used, if the provider is experienced, and if the treatment matches their needs. Furthermore, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

You get what you pay for, and your injector should be an investment. If you are on a budget, we still recommend choosing the best injector you can and talking with them to see what your treatment options are within your price range.

Everybody loves a deal. No one is ever telling anyone that they paid full price. You can find tons of deals and offers online, including sites like Groupon. Our tip is, be aware that most of the injectors offering deals are hungry for new clients, meaning they aren’t currently overbooked. This is not necessarily a red flag, but we recommend doing some more research because these practices are either new and looking for new patients or have been around and aren’t fully booked. Another thing to know when finding deals on injections are that these deals are notoutcome based and they are meant to get  you in the door.

The injectors and the practice take a loss on each of these Groupon deals, think they only get about 30%. Because of this, you probably will end up paying more to achieve the end result that you are looking for. Definitely don’t buy a 20 unit BOTOX Groupon and complain about not getting the result you’re looking for. Now if you’re bent on getting a deal and I get it, we all get short sometimes, I would suggest signing up for your favorite injectors email or text list to get notified when they give offers. Even the best injectors will give offers sometimes including some deep discounts.

Keep Scrolling: Injector Red Flags

When it comes to choosing the right injector, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t, and it is always best to stick with your gut. With that said, there are certain things you should always avoid when choosing an injector.

·     They are over-confident

o  If you go in about a specific treatment, but the injector doesn’t have much experience with it, it may be best to keep looking.Another thing to look out for is if your injector promises to make you look like a certain person or give you a certain aesthetic look. The best injectors will work with your natural facial structure and enhance your best features.

·     They don’t exist online

o  Nowadays, it is crucial for successful injectors to have a strong digital presence. If a provider is established, it is highly likely they will have a website, reviews on multiple platforms, and a social media presence. If you see an advertisement for an injector advertising services on a billboard or shop door, but can’t find them anywhere online, it’s best to steer clear. If you can’t find information on them, anywhere, run! Laser Away is notorious at this, that’s why we don’t recommend any place that doesn’t allow you to get to know your injector prior to going to your treatment. It’s your face! Put yourself first. Always.

·     They seem nervous or can’t answer your questions

o  If something feels off with an injector, always ask questions. A qualified and quality provider will not hesitate to answer and will gladly show you everything from work performed on past patients to their credentials. Furthermore, if a provider cannot answer your questions about a given treatment, it likely indicates that they are either not qualified or inexperienced with the treatment or technique to perform it.

·     You don’t know what you are being injected with

o  Ask your provider about the different products they offer for injections. There are numerous products available for the most in-demand treatments such as neurotoxin injections and dermal fillers, and some providers prefer to use different product lines. Your injector should also always show you the unopened vial of product before injecting if you ask, to ensure that you are receiving the full product you are paying for.

·     An injector doesn’t take their time with you

o  A consultation is your prime time to ask any questions you have to your potential injector. If your potential provider doesn’t take the time to listen to your concerns, work with you to create a custom treatment plan, or won’t answer questions you have, always remember that a consultation is just that. If you don’t feel right after your initial discussion with a provider, it’s best to keep looking.

·     They’re pushing you to get treatments you don’t want

o  If you go in for a BOTOX treatment, it’s likely an injector will be advertising or will even tell you about other services they offer. However, if an injector is being overly pushy about a treatment that you don’t want, they may just be after your money and it is best to go somewhere with someone you feel comfortable with.

The Bottom Line

Choosing an injector is never an easy process, but by taking your time and asking the right questions along your search, you can drastically improve your overall experience, safety, and results. Most of all, when you take the time to choose a great injector, you can form a relationship with them over time that can open up into maintenance treatments or expand your realm of aesthetic procedures.

Getting a treatment should be a pleasant experience and you should feel completely comfortable. Be focused on the result rather than cost per unit, what injectable brand they are using or price per syringe. Remember, you are there to get results and maybe a great client injector relationship that last years.

A great injector makes you feel comfortable, understands your concerns, and answers all questions that you have and doesn’t get their feelings hurt if you choose not to get the treatment that day.

Your injector should be an investment. JOY MD™ shows patients only the best injectors from the start of their search. Pick a doctor, nurse, or other qualified medical professional whose rating is solely based on their expertise and results, and nothing else.

Get early access to the best providers in your area by downloading the JOY MD™ app on iOS or Android.

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