JOY MD Releases Messenger Mobile App

We're proud to announce that we have launched our new messaging application. With our new release, providers and practices now have access to utilize one of the most effective messaging platforms on both the iOS App and Google Play Store.

Our path was tough but worthwhile as we know that medical practices and providers need smarter ways to communicate with potential patients. The pandemic exacerbated the fact that electronic messaging was going to become the norm sooner than later.

Patients particularly the younger ones continue to demand faster responses to their inquiries.

The practices that fail to adapt will lose opportunities to serve patients. This broken line of communication is also not beneficial to the patient.

Patients expectations are at an all time high. Devices such as iPhones and new Galaxy's provide fast, seamless experiences.

With that in mind, we've built the app for both Google Play and iOS.

Our mobile app was made with both patients and providers in mind. We've chosen to focus on three principles to build an effective foundation to provide better patient provider communication.

  • Simplicity
  • Usability
  • Security

Through the pandemic, practices have struggled to adequately respond and triage potential patients.

In most cases, patients have quick questions such as if a practice takes a certain type of insurance or a question about a treatment.

We developed our own patent pending artifical intelligence messaging platform that is able to triage most of these conversations and in most cases fully respond to the potential patient without human intervention.

We've also given the ability for providers to also engage in a conversation if they feel they need to.

The mobile app should take weight off the front desk as they are usually tasked to do several things. Most of which take time away from communicating with potential patients.

We're truly excited about this launch as the time is now to match the expectations that patients and providers have when connecting.

About JOY MD

JOY MD is a medical platform that helps patients find the best local medical specialists. We provide companion software solutions for medical providers and practices to better help them serve potential patients. We are headquartered in Beverly Hills, California and are led by Founder & CEO, Henry Camacho.

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