At Home Coronavirus Testing

At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits Are Here

With the nation’s shortage on available COVID-19 tests, several healthcare startups are racing to release At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits that will be readily available for public use.

We applaud these companies for stepping up to the plate to assist in getting more people tested for COVID-19. We also ask that these companies can work with the government or state and local authorities to offer free COVID-19 tests to the public.

There are some questions we still must ask if someone does test negative, will they feel like they can start going out again? As, it’s still possible to contract COVID-19 as well as spreading it.

If they do test positive for COVID-19, what will the person do, will they rush to the ER or local hospital. We don’t know yet what protocol will be suggested when they are communicating the COVID-19 test results.

Carbon Health has begin offering COVID-19 Home Test Kits

What is an At-Home COVID-19 Test Kit?

At-home COVID-19 Test consists of collecting a sample at home and having that sample sent to a testing clinic. The results of the COVID-19 test are then communicated to you by the company.

What kind of Sample will be needed for an At-Home COVID-19 Test?

In order to get an accurate reading, a special swab that is long enough will be included in the At-Home COVID-19 test kids. Some test will allow for both spit and sputum samples as back ups.

Are These At-Home Tests Legitimate?

We are aware that although they are not FDA Approved, they follow clinical guidelines in place for these types of at-home tests.

How Much Are They Charging to Get Tested for COVID-19?

The cost of an At-Home COVID-19 test is hovering over $100 from the companies that offer it.

NURX COVID-19's Home Test Kit

Who Offers At-Home COVID-19 Tests?

  1. Everlywell offers testing for $135 with additional fees for overnight delivery.
  2. Scanwell Health is offering a test that gives results within 15 minutes (after receiving test)
  3. Carbon Health is offering a test and is priced above $100.
  4. Nurx has already started shipping tests to those that have shown symptoms of COVID-19.

Are these available now?

Yes, a portion of these COVID-19 At Home Tests have already begun shipping and these companies are ramping up production in order to assist in testing for COVID-19.