5 Reasons Why an Ovulation Trigger Shot is Your Solution to Getting Pregnant

5 Reasons Why an Ovulation Trigger Shot is Your Solution to Getting Pregnant

Have you tried an ovulation trigger shot on your path to pregnancy?

The trigger shot maximizes the possibility of conception for many women. It is often used in conjunction with other medications and methods, and is carefully timed and monitored by your physician.

An ovulation trigger shot signals the ovaries to mature and release eggs. The shot contains hCG, which kick starts the process of egg maturation, allowing the eggs to quickly become capable of fertilization.

Here are the reasons why the ovulation trigger shot is your solution to getting pregnant. The ovulation trigger shot:

1. Resolves anovulation-related infertility

2. Optimizes IVF treatment

3. Increases possibility of IUI success by 6X

4. Improves other fertility drug results

5. Helps with unexplained infertility concerns

The trigger shot is that special boost many women need for a successful conception. Ask your doctor in-person, through telehealth, or with HIPAA texting if an ovulation trigger shot is right for you.

Read below to learn more about why a trigger shot may be the answer to all of your fertility concerns.

1. Resolves Anovulation-Related Infertility

Anovulation means that the woman ovulates infrequently or not at all, and it accounts for infertility in ¼ of infertile couples.

For women who fall into any of the following categories, the trigger shot may be their solution to getting pregnant.

· Women who are not ovulating

· Women who are unsure of when or if they are ovulating

· Women who are undergoing fertility treatments that require a specified ovulation time

A trigger shot will mature the eggs and initiate ovulation within hours. The trigger shot will allow for perfectly timed sexual intercourse or insemination to maximize your odds of getting pregnant.

2. Optimizes IVF Treatment

If your fertility clinic recommends IVF, they will collect mature eggs from the ovaries and fertilize them with sperm in a lab before implanting them in the uterus. The trigger shot makes successful IVF treatment more likely.

Egg retrieval during IVF can only occur after a trigger shot. The trigger shot will likely be administered two evenings before the morning of evening retrieval. The injection will ensure that the eggs are mature and ready for collection and insemination.

3. Increases Possibility of IUI Success by 6X

IUI (intrauterine insemination) is a simple procedure that involves placing sperm directly into the uterus, getting healthy sperm as close to the egg as possible. The trigger shot can greatly affect the results of an IUI treatment.

While the success rate of the trigger shot itself is difficult to determine, a recent study compared IUI cycles to trigger shots to those without. Without the trigger shot, the IUI pregnancy rate was 5.8%. With the trigger shot, this rate jumped to 18.2%! When the shot was timed properly with the woman’s natural LH surge, the pregnancy rate was a phenomenal 30.8%.

4. Enhances Clomid Effectiveness

When your doctor prescribes Clomid to increase your fertility, they will recommend one of the following:

· Testing for natural ovulation at home and then timing intercourse accordingly

· Using an ovulation-inducing trigger shot and timing intercourse or insemination accordingly

The stimulation phase of your Clomid cycle will likely end with a trigger shot, because the injection will provide the final maturation signal to your developing follicle and set ovulation in motion.

5. Helps with Unexplained Infertility Concerns

Sometimes, you and your doctor may be unsure of what the cause of your infertility struggles may be. The trigger shot matures and prepares the eggs and initiates ovulation. The ovulation shot will give you a window of fertility about 36 hours after the injection. PCOS, weak ovulation, and other mysterious fertility concerns can potentially all be mitigated with a trigger shot.

Elevate Your Fertility with an Ovulation-Inducing Shot

Whether you’re timing your ovulation, taking Clomid, or undergoing IUI or IVF, you can boost your chances of conceiving with a quick trigger shot. Another benefit of the trigger shot is that it reduces the risk of a high order multiple pregnancy.

If you have primary ovarian insufficiency or poor ovarian reserves, these trigger shots may not be effective for you. The shot may also increase the chance of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), so it is important to consult with your doctor about the risks and benefits of the treatment.

If you are hesitant about addressing a doctor with your fertility concerns, you might consider a telehealth provider for fertility.